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Crime & Safety Report

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Your annual contributions help Hidden Springs/Estates pay for a deputy to watch out for suspicious activity, monitor motorists' speed and help protect our community overall. Without your annual contributions, we would not be able to provide this service, which makes our neighborhood safer. 

Safety Report December 2022-February 2023

There was a residential burglary that occurred on White Ash St. The suspect(s) entered via an open garage and took items to include car keys. The suspect(s) later returned on another day and stole a vehicle from the residence. The vehicle was later recovered in the Tangelo Park area. 

Please keep your garage door closed even if you are at home, lock your vehicle doors and don't leave anything valuable inside! Get to know your neighbors, keep an eye out for each other and call 911 immediately to report suspicious activity. If you have a camera that has captured video of an event, please share it with the Sheriff's Department.


In addition, there have been people going door to door offering roof inspections and tree removal/trimming. Remember, this is a NO SOLICITING neighborhood. Please do not let solicitors in your house or buy anything from them. If you are interested in what they are selling, call the company directly and make an appointment.

If you notice anything suspicious in the neighborhood, please call 407-836-HELP (4357) for a non-emergency or 911 for an emergency.

In addition, if you are not already a member of Nextdoor, you may want to join to get notifications and alerts from neighbors about suspicious activity and crime in our community. If you want to get these alerts, please join the Hidden Springs/Estates Nextdoor group at

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