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Message from the President, Donna Fontaine

Spring 2019 

Dear Residents,


Happy spring! Time sure is flying by. I hope everyone has recovered from the hectic holiday season. It was another busy quarter for the Board.


We hope you enjoyed the new decorations we put up at the entrances during the holidays. We thought they looked great! It's always a challenge to keep everything lit, but I think we did a pretty good job. Thank you to all who volunteered and came out to help put up the decorations.

Although it was a tough decision because there are so many wonderfully decorated homes, we awarded three homes a $25 Home Depot gift card for the best-looking holiday lights. The competition is fierce! For those who didn't win, there's always next year. 


What fun we all had at the last Hidden Springs/Estates Happy Hour! Thank you to Damon and Cheri for hosting. We had a great turnout and enjoyed plenty of food and drink, meeting new and old friends, catching up on neighborhood goings on, and best of all, having such gracious hosts. If you've never come to one of our Happy Hours, give it a go. We have wonderful neighbors.


As many of you keep up with NextDoor, you may have heard we have had some issues with solicitors. What can we do? If someone comes to your door, tell them we are a No Solicitation neighborhood and there are signs at the entrances stating so. Let them know the police will be called to help escort them out for disrespecting our neighborhood rules. However, please do not become confrontational. Your safety is always the most important factor to consider. If you do call the police, please only call the non-emergency number (407) 836-4357. In consideration of the high number of solicitation comments on NextDoor and emails sent to the HOA, we purchased two new “No Solicitation” signs. One sign was placed at the Lake Marsha/Pine Springs entrance to replace the sign that went missing a couple of years ago. The second sign replaced the bent sign with rotted wood that was at the main Pine Springs entrance. The other two signs (at the Pin Oak and Conroy entrances) are still in good shape, but one of our Board members graciously volunteered to clean them up and give the posts a new coat of paint. 

Old Sign
New Sign

Where are we on street lighting? The county is in the process of sending out letters on a rolling basis to each of the separate units/phases within Hidden Springs/Estates. Since Hidden Estates' paperwork was submitted first, the County Commissioner is having its hearing on March 12, at 2:00 p.m. at 201 South Rosalind Avenue to approve the petition for lights for Hidden Estates. I am confident it will pass. Hidden Springs Units 1-3 are scheduled on March 26 at 2:00 p.m. We had an overwhelming "Yes" vote in all the phases. Please watch your mailboxes over the next six weeks for the date/time assigned for your unit if you are interested in attending. I, along with some of our Board members, will attend at least a couple of the Commission Meetings. Anyone else who wants to attend, please do.  


Remember, without all your contributions and volunteering, we could not do the things we do in order to keep Hidden Springs/Estates safe and aesthetically pleasing.


Thank you for caring about where you live.



Donna Fontaine

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