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Message from the President, Donna Fontaine

Spring 2020

Dear Residents,


Happy almost spring! We have some good news and some not so great news. I always like to give the good first. We had fierce competition for the Christmas light contest this year. We had three winners, although there could have been many more. The neighborhood looked beautiful. Thank you all for decorating.


5921 Cedar Pine - Chiddister/Bone Family

5427 sago palm court Nick and Sheri Scha

5427 Sago Palm Court - Nick and Sheri Schafer

5852 pitch Jeremey and Vania Perdomo.JPG

5852 Pitch Pine Drive - Jeremey and Vania Perdomo

It was a busy time for the Board during the holidays. First and foremost, I want to thank those folks who came out to help put up the Christmas decorations at the entrances. It takes teamwork to get the decorations up at three entrances and take them down. Thank you to Lucas Chiddister, our in-house landscaper, who graciously picked up all the poinsettias that were on sale during Black Friday and placed them at all the entrances at no extra charge. They looked great!


We had three new volunteers to help with envelope stuffing for the contribution letters that went out the first week of January. Thank you to Janice, Tracy and Paula for your help. It makes it a lot easier when we all pitch in. Please don't forget to give your contributions. We hope to try to avoid spending money on a third mailing. 


Also, our Board Member, Charlie Simonel, changed out the spotlights at our three entrances. They were halogen, so he changed them to LED. The LED is more cost effective. We pay for electric at the entrances so hopefully this will help save some money. A big Thank You to Charlie for volunteering his time to do that.


Speaking of our contributions, we will soon use some of the funds to prune the palm trees on the Pin Oak and Pine Springs medians. There are a total of 10 palm trees. In addition, we need to repair some of the irrigation at our entrances. 


So, here's the bad news: vandalism at our Conroy entrance. It looked like someone took a hammer or crowbar to the top part of the wall at our north Conroy entrance. They also destroyed a huge part of the brick wall in front of Pasatiempo. Ours was not as bad as theirs. If anyone has any idea who did this, please reach out to the Board. You can do it anonymously. We had to pay for this out of our already limited funds. Unfortunately, there's no insurance for our brick walls. Thank you so much to all the residents who reached out to either pay their annual dues or make an additional contribution to go toward the wall repair cost ($2,950). One resident actually donated an additional $500 to help cover the costs. She told me something along the lines of, "I figured I always contribute to various charities, so why not contribute to my own neighborhood." Thank you -- your support is needed and appreciated. To make a contribution, click here:


Take a look at the photos of the damage at our Conroy entrance. 

​​If you had noticed, the Conroy and Pine Springs brick entrance walls were green in many spots due to mold or mildew. We recently had them pressure washed and it has made a drastic difference. We also pressure washed the entrance medians.

Here are some photos after the repair and cleaning:

The Board is going to discuss the efficacy of cameras. We will take a look at our finances and see if it is even feasible for us. Winwood has them and quite a few of the non-gated communities along Conroy have them. We will keep you updated.


Wishing you all a wonderful spring! This time of year is great to see everyone's beautiful landscaping. There tends to be more yard waste this time of year, and often, our landscapers will put out bags of waste at the curb on days that are not our designated yard waste pick-up day. Please remember to only place your yard waste out on the curb on our designated day (Wednesday before 6:00 a.m. for yard waste). Some reminders:


Yard waste includes vegetative landscaping material as well as grass, tree and shrub trimmings, and should not be placed in the garbage or recycling roll cart. Yard waste should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before and no later than 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

  • Limit yard waste to three cubic yards (about one small pickup truckload) per household per week.

  • Use your own garbage cans or plastic bags for collection. Cans and bags must be 50 gallons or less and weigh less than 60 pounds each when full. Cans must be waterproof with a tight-fitting lid and have handles on the sides.

  • Don't mix yard waste with garbage.

  • Bundle limbs, palm fronds, and similar items with string. Keep bundles three feet long or less. Limit weight to less than 60 pounds.


As always, if you ever need to reach out to me personally or the Board, please don't hesitate.  


Donna Fontaine

HOA President

Hidden Springs/Estates 

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