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Message from the President, Donna Fontaine

Fall 2023

Welcome to fall, Hidden Springs/Estates residents!

Another few weeks of hurricane season, then we’re done. Glad to see many of you did trim your trees and take precautions in case of a storm. 


We just completed our first mailing of contribution notices. As of this date, 140 of you contributed. We have 380 homes. Less than half the homes contributed to date. A second “reminder mailing” will go out at the end of October. The past couple of years, we’ve sent out the “reminders” after the first of the year, but we’ve found that is too far from our September fiscal year and people get confused. 


I’ve been getting a lot of feedback as to why some don’t contribute. Apparently, there is a misconception that if you don't contribute, you’re not part of the HOA and don’t have to follow the rules. Please let me clear up the confusion. 


We are not a mandatory HOA. However, all Hidden Springs/Estates residents are bound by the Declarations and Restrictions on file with Orange County regardless of whether or not you contribute. 


By contributing to the HOA, you’re helping to maintain the three entrances and help pay for an off-duty deputy. The county does not maintain any of our entrances, entrance lighting, electrical, watering, irrigation, pressure washing, our walls, our medians, common areas, et cetera. We maintain and pay for everything. 


I hope I’ve cleared this up a bit, so you understand. When the home is sold, a copy of the Declarations and Restrictions are supposed to be provided to the homeowner.


A copy of the Declarations and Restrictions can be found on our website at If you have questions, please reach out to me or any of the other Board members. We are happy to help.


Also, for those who have contributed, thank you. There were some who contributed more than the requested $110, and for that we extend our gratitude. If anyone who has not contributed and cannot afford the $110, we are grateful for any amount. 


Please help us maintain and keep Hidden Springs/Estates safe and a great place to live.


Thank you all.



Donna Fontaine

HOA President

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