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Resident Realtors: Realtor Report

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This neighborhood market report is brought to you by our Resident Realtors, John Scolaro with Coldwell Banker Realty and Kendle Arribas with HYSER. Both are long-term residents of Hidden Springs and have a deep understanding of our community. If you're thinking about selling your home and would like a free market evaluation, please contact either of them via the links above. 

Orlando's State of the Market

“The busy spring season for the real estate market is in full swing,” said Rose Kemp, Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association President. “We’ve seen a steady increase in sales, median home price and inventory every month this year.” The median home price for March was recorded at $386,500, up from $377,000 in February. Overall sales rose 17.7% from February to March. There were 2,559 sales in March, up from 2,174 sales in February.


Hidden Springs/Estates Activity

For the period of January 29-May 13, 2024, our neighborhood had two home sales. One is currently pending, and one is temporarily off market. The highest sold price for this period was last month in April for $707,000 on Sago Palm Drive. Updates to your home, proper maintenance and curb appeal all add value. When our neighborhood looks good, it helps increase everyone’s home values. Please do what you can to keep your homes looking their best both with interior updates as well as landscaping and lawn maintenance.

Real Estate Report for Hidden Springs/Estates

January 29-May 13, 2024

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