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Message from the President, Donna Fontaine

Spring 2023

Hi, Neighbors, 


It's that time of year again -- spring! We're finally finished with the sporadic cold and freezing weather, and it's time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot. There was a lot of damage to landscaping this year with the hurricanes in September and October, then a few days here in December, January and February where temperatures were in the 30s. Now is a good time to plant and get ready for the growing season. I know personally our home had a lot of damaged Crotons, Lantana and other plants that aren't used to the freezing weather. Fortunately, cutting back works miracles with the Florida sun.  


As everyone has noticed, AT&T has been digging all over our neighborhood in order to place fiber optics. I think they're trying to do no harm, but there have been some homeowners who have had damage to their sprinkler heads and pipes. Please be sure to check your sprinkler systems. It's the dry season now so we want to make sure the landscaping and yards are getting water. The company doing the work should have put flyers on doorknobs in case there are issues. Reach out to the board if you need a number for the company. We did send out an email previously with all the contact information. If AT&T and/or the underground workers caused your issue, it's a good idea to get it taken care of before they leave and move on to the next neighborhood.


We want everyone to know we did our best to try to eliminate the merchandise being sold in the days leading up to Valentine's Day at our Pine Springs entrance. This type of activity is NOT WELCOME and NOT SANCTIONED in our neighborhood. We want to thank those of you who called the police and did not purchase the baskets. The family doing this knows now they cannot step foot on our entrances that we maintain. That is HOA property, not County property, and definitely not theirs. With your contributions, we maintain all our entrances, so they have no right to them.


We want to thank those who sent in their $110 contributions in our second reminder mailing. We will not be doing a third mailing. Costs are too high. If you haven't contributed, please do. As we are all aware, prices have increased on everything, including the things we maintain. We particularly value our police patrol that we pay extra for. We all feel it is important to have that police presence, but we can't do it without all of you.  


Other than all of the above, we wish you an upcoming Happy Easter and Happy Passover. Stay safe and always feel free to reach out to the board for any questions.



Donna Fontaine

HOA President

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