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Message from the President, Donna Fontaine

Summer 2022

Hi, Neighbors, 


Summer is just about here. As of this writing, the typical afternoon rains have not arrived. Hopefully they will soon to cool us down and keep our landscaping watered. 


The Board has been very busy. We finally, after years and years, renovated the Pin Oak entrance. It was a big undertaking. If you remember, the sign sat low and had a very faded-out and cracked green marble background. It is now black granite with tiles placed on the diagonal. We had the entire frame raised up almost 5 inches and painted the lettering with industrial paint. We added electricity so we could place marine-strength coach lights on each side of the signage. The lights are made for the harsh weather and should last. We also will now be able to put the Christmas lights up with electricity and not batteries.  


All new landscaping at that entrance was installed on May 25th. We also landscaped the opposite side of that entryway, where the Palm Lake crossing is, and it is a massive improvement. 


On the horizon is our trimming of the palm trees on both medians – Pin Oak and Pine Springs – all in preparation for hurricane season.  Now is a good time for all of us to prepare, as hurricane season is officially here. Clean those gutters and trim those trees.


A few things to mention: Please, please watch your speed. The kids are now out of school. They'll be riding bikes and running after balls in the streets. Let's not have a catastrophe.


Another issue is parking over the sidewalks. We operate under County guidelines. Blocking a sidewalk is not allowed. It is an infraction, and a person can be cited by the police or code enforcement, whoever sees it first. Plus, we do have some people in walkers and families walking their children in strollers on our sidewalks. It's not fair for them to have to go into the street to walk because the sidewalk is blocked.   


Neighbors, please stay safe, and enjoy your summer. As always, we are happy for you to reach out to the HOA and even me personally.  



Donna Fontaine

HOA President

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