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Message from the President, Donna Fontaine

Winter 2020-21

Hello Neighbors,


The holidays are upon us. It's been quite the year, to say the least. We hope you all have stayed healthy.


First and foremost, I would like to mention that our Board is not just "A Board." We care about all of our neighbors. If you ever need us or have a question, please reach out. We will try our best to give you an answer or do what we can for you.


We would like to thank Janet Paperny, Paula Festa and Tracie Briggs. They are our Official Contribution Envelope stuffers. Trust me, it's not an easy task to fold, stuff and stamp close to 400 envelopes. Think about the 30 or so cards you do during the holidays. We are grateful for their help.  


The neighborhood, thank goodness, has been quiet. Deputy Troutman, who we hire to make rounds in Hidden Springs/Estates, hasn't had too many issues. Just be smart before you place that new 60-inch TV packaging on the street for three days. Not a good idea. If you aren't able to break down your large boxes and put inside the recycling bin, you certainly don't want to advertise to criminals what new high priced item you have inside your home by placing the box on the curb. This year, the Orange County Sheriff Department will once again provide "Holiday Burglar Box" designated locations where you can dispose of these large boxes. Please keep an eye on their social media pages for designated locations.


We are having an issue with cars speeding in the neighborhood. Please slow down. We have a lot of children here. It's not worth the extra one minute you'll gain to get to your destination if you hit a child or animal. Please watch your speeds.


In addition, please do not park on sidewalks or allow your guests to block a sidewalk when parking in your driveway. This forces pedestrians and bikers to possibly go in the road to avoid the vehicle, which is very dangerous. Parking on a sidewalk is against the law.


Speaking of sidewalks and driveways, with the rainy season winding down, now is a good time to pressure clean your driveway, walkway and sidewalk in front of your home. Not only are moldy sidewalks unsightly, they are also slippery and dangerous for bikers and pedestrians. If yours has mold, please add this to your winter to-do list.


As mentioned in the last President's Message, we are grateful for your support. For those who don't support the HOA, please consider doing so. It is only $110 a year. There is always room for improvement here. Two things we would love to do if we have a better financial year is new lighting at the Pin Oak and Pine Springs entrances. The Conroy entrance was completed a couple of years ago, and it looks great. So we shall see if that is feasible.  


Enjoy your holidays. Stay safe.


Donna Fontaine

HOA President

Hidden Springs/Estates 

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